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Joachim Audet dit Lapointe


Audet is also spelled as Adatte, Adote, Adotte, Aude, Audette, Hodet, Odette, Ouelette, and Owdet


Lapointe has also been spelled as Lapoint, La Pointe, and La Point

The name Lapointe is a dit name. It could have been a nickname for a soldier (the point of a lance) or for a family who lived on a point of land.
A dit name is an alias given to a family name.

Joachim Audet dit Lapointe was born probably in 1691 on l'Île-d'Orléans. His parents were Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe and Madeleine Després. Madeleine was a fille du roi.

He married Louise Roberge on November 23, 1716 on l'Île-d'Orléans at Saint-Laurent. Louise was the daughter of Pierre Roberge and Marie LeFrançois.

Joachim moved his family to Boucherville in the early 1720's after their first two children were born. Boucherville is one of the oldest municipalities in Québec. Boucherville, was incorporated as a city in 1957, is now a borough of the new city of Longueuil.

Their children probably included:

Joachim Audet dit Lapointe (1717),
Marie Louise Audet dit Lapointe (1719),
Marie Madeleine Audet dit Lapointe (1721),
Jean Baptiste Audet dit Lapointe (1722),
Marieanne Audet dit Lapoint (1723, married Jean Baptiste Laporte),
Jean Baptiste Audet dit Lapointe (1725, married Marguerite Charbonneaud),
François Audet dit Lapointe (1726, married Angélique Reguindeau),
Joseph Audet dit Lapointe (1729, married Marguerite Charbonau and Angélique Charles),
Geneviéve Audet dit Lapointe (1731),
Jacques Amable Audet dit Lapointe (1732), and
Marie François Audet dit Lapointe (1735) married Pierre Darragon).

Nicolas Audet was granted land on the southeast side of l'Île-d'Orléans At that time, it was in the parish of Sainte-Famille. In 1679, the parish of Ste-Famille was divided and their farm became part of the village of Saint-Jean.


The King's Daughters (filles du roi) were young women who immigrated to Canada between 1663 and 1673 and were sponsored by Louis XIV. The French goverment planned to increase Canada's population by promoting marriages and the birth of children.




from Our French-Canadian Ancestors by Thomas J. Laforest

12) Joachim was born probably in 1691. He married Louise Roberge, daughter of Pierre and of Marie LeFrançois, on November 23, 1716 at Saint-Laurent. By 1730, Joachim and Louise had nine children, six boys and three girls. The first two were baptized at Saint-Jean, but the rest were all baptized at Boucherville.

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