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Rachael Lapointe Dwinnell Jones

The united counties of Leeds and Grenville are in southern Ontario, Canada on the border with the United States.The county seat is Brockville.

Rachael Lapointe Dwinnell Jones was born in the United States on March 15, 1819. Rachel's parents are not known, but she may have been related to some of the other Lepoint families in the Front of Yonge, Leeds Grenville County where she and Isaac lived. Considerable evidence indicates that Florence Lapointe was her sister or a close relative.

She married Isaac Davis Dwinnell in about 1839 when she was twenty years old. Their family and life together are described in detail in the section on the Isaac and Rachael Dwinnell family.

She married David Jones on June 11, 1852 when she was about thirty-three years old. Their children and life together are also also described in the section on the Isaac and Rachel Dwinnell family.

Rachael died in Kingston, Frontenac County, Ontario on March 19, 1874 (according to her granddaughter, Hester Johnson's notes) or March 22, 1873 (according to cemetery records). 

The cemetery records indicate that she died of lung disease. She is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery in Lot 216, Section E with Victoria and John Miller's children.

On August 10 1850, the Cataraqui Cemetery in Kingston, Ontario was founded to meet the needs of recent immigrants who were not members of churches. The cemetery was outside the city, non-denominational, and anyone could be buried there. It was designed as a serene garden.

Children of Isaac Davis Dwinnell, Jr. and
Rachel Lapoint

  • Victoria Zellena Dwinnell Miller
  • Holland Orville Dwinnell
  • Charles N. Dwinnell
  • Sophia Floritine Dwinnell Byrne
  • Napoleon B. (Charles) Dwinnell
  • David Lancaster Dwinnell

    Children of Rachael Lapointe
    and David Lancaster Jones
  • Lewis Kossuh Jones
  • Ida Ann Jones
  • Genevieve E. Jones Marvin
  • The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.


    Genevieve Lapointe (1813, born in Canada)
    Abraham Lapointe (1816, born in Canada)
    Rachael Lapointe (1819 born in U.S.)
    Florence Lapoint (1820, born in Canada)

    Genevieve and Abraham were living with the Dwinnell/Jones family in 1861. They were were both single, Abraham was 45 and Genevieve 48, and Roman Catholics. Abraham was a carpenter.

    In 1875 Abraham was living in Ottawa. He lived on Bolton and was a carpenter. Hollan and Charles Dwinnell also lived in Ottawa at that time.



    The name Lapointe is a dit name. It could have been a nickname for a soldier (the point of a lance) or for a family who lived on a point of land.
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