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Elizabeth LeFevre Leaman

LeFevre is also spelled Ferber, LaFevre, LaFever, Lefebre, LeFever,and LeFevere. It is from the original Northern French surname Lefebvre or Lefèvre. It means smith.

Mennonites are Christians who reject infant Baptism. In the early 18th century about 2,500 Mennonites fled to Pennsylvania from persecution in the Palatinate. They opposed the Revolution, resisted public education, and did not approve of religious revivalism. They supported separation of church and state, and opposed slavery.

Elizabeth LeFevre Leaman was born on July 13, 1756 in Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Her parents were John LeFevre and Anna Margaret Henning.

She married Joseph Leaman (or Layman, Lehman, Leman) on December 13, 1781.

Joseph was born in May, 1757 in West Lampeter, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His parents were John Leaman and Elizabeth Brenneman.

They were Mennonites.

Elizabeth and Joseph's children included:

John Leaman (1782, married Elizabeth Kreider,),
Charlotte Leaman Bruneman (1789),
Joseph Leaman (1791, married Lydia Hartman)
Samuel Leaman (1796)
George Leaman (1797, married Hester LeFevre)
Abraham Leaman (1800, married Elizabeth Buckwalder), and
Elizabeth Leaman (1802),

Elizabeth died on March 15, 1812.

Joseph died on July 11, 1833.
Children of John LeFevre
and Anna Margaret Henning

  • Mary LeFevre Shultz
  • Elizabeth LeFevre Leaman
  • Catherine LeFevre Keeports
  • Abraham LeFevre
  • John LeFevre
  • Jacob LeFevre
  • George LeFevre
  • Pennsylvania is one of the 13 original states and was originally founded in 1681 as a result of a royal land grant to William Penn, the son of the state's namesake.

      tombstone tombstone
    Elizabeth and Joseph's tombstones


    The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America and was ratified in 1789.

    from Biographical Annals of Lancaster County

    The family of Lehman is one of the oldest and most deservedly esteemed in Lancaster county.

    Joseph Lehman, the great-grandfather of John N. Lehman, was a farmer of West Lampeter township. He was a Mennonite in faith, and a man held in reverence for his many virtues, dying at an advanced age. He was the father of five sons and two daughters: John, Joseph, George, Samuel, Abraham, Elizabeth and Charlotte. All the sons were farmers, and Charlotte married a Mr. Bruneman, who was also a farmer.

    John Lehman, the grandfather of John N., was born in East Lampeter, Nov. 2, 1782, and died Dec. 2, 1870, having reached the advanced age of eightyeight years. His wife, Elizabeth Kreider, was born July 7, 1780, and entered into rest April 21, 1857. Their three sons were named Joseph, John and Benjamin K., of whom
    Joseph was born Aug. 22, 1812, and died in 1899, aged eighty-seven years; and
    John, was born June 15, 1814, and died in 1897.

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