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Eliza Maxwell Ricketts

Women played an essential role in American society as mothers and homemakers.
The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Eliza Maxwell Ricketts was born about 1705 in a part of Baltimore County, Maryland that is now Harford County. Her parents were James Maxwell and Mary Harmer.

Her mother died about the time she was born and her stepmother was Anne Groome Richardson Maxwell Savary. When her father died, Anne married William Savary whose first wife, Penelope Saller Ricketts, was the widow of John Ricketts.

Her father died in 1728, but it wasn't until 1754 that his estate was divided and she inherited part of Maxwell's Conclusion.

She married Benjamin Ricketts who may have been John Ricketts son. Their children included:

Elizabeth Ricketts Strong (1745, married Thomas Strong) and
Hannah Ricketts Wilmer (married Lambert Wilmer).

Both women were referred to as daughters of Benjamin Ricketts of Harford County, Maryland.

In 1759 Benjamin Ricketts was the executor of Benjamin Legoe of Baltimore County's will. The will was witnessed by Eliza's sister's husband, Thomas Waltham, Samuel Ricketts, and John Day her sister, Phillisyanna's husband.

In 1773 Harford County was formed from part of Baltimore County.

In 1777 a suit was brought in Harford County against the estate of Benjamin Ricketts naming Thomas Strong and Lambert Wilmer as executors. They were his sons-in-law.

1783 Assessment of Maxwell's Conclusion in Harford County, Gunpowder Upper and Gunpowder Lower Hundred
Thomas Strong - 200 acres.
John Day, Jr.- 200 acres.
John Day, Sr. - 314 acres.
Lambert Wilmer -200 acres

In the King Family Papers, 1686-1898 in the Maryland State Archive there are deeds to Maxwells Conclusion and Spryes Island
from William Billingslea to Samuel Ricketts. 11 Aug. 1804.
between Alisanna (Mrs. Clement) Waltham and Samuel Ricketts. 7 Jan. 1806.
from Chaltham Waltham to Samuel Ricketts. 10 Feb. 1807.

Baltimore County, Maryland was founded in 1659 and included most of northeastern Maryland. The original county included parts of Cecil, Frederick, Harford, Carroll, and Baltimore Counties.




from History of Harford County, Maryland: From 1608 by Walter Wilkes Preston

March 3 1777 Committee Met. Present Messrs. Amos Garret, Wm. Webb, Thomas Johnson, Ignatius Wheeler, Junr., Henry Wilson, Junr., Aquila Hall, Jas. McComas, Benj. Bradford Norris & James Clendening.
Mr. Amos Garret Chairman.
On application of Helen Kinsey she is permitted to bring her Action against Tho. Strong & Lambert Wilmer Administrators to the Estate of Benjamin Rickets Deceas'd and licence is given the Clk.


Liber 30, folio 718
10 June 1759
Legoe, Benjamin, Baltimore Co.
To 2 sons, Spencer Legoe & Benadick Legoe, equ. div., all my lands.
To dau. Condelay Legoe, my dark bay riding horse.
The residue of my p. e., as provided by law, betw. my wife [not named] & chldn.
Extrs: sd. wife & Benjamin Ricketts.
Witn: Thomas Waltham, Samuel Ricketts, Jno. Day, s. o. Edward.
16 July 1759, sworn to by all 3 witn



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