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Hester Miller Johnson's Autograph Book


Dec. 14, 1897  Dear Hester, Sailing down the river of life. In your little bark canoe. I wish you a pleasant trip. Just room enough for two. 
Your sister, Verna M.

San Diego, Dec. 14, 1897, Dear Hester, May your life be like a sunbeam. May your sorrows be but few. May you find a home in heaven. When your earthly tasks are through. 
Your Mother, V. Z. Miller

San Diego, Dec. 14, 1897, Dear Hester, Remember me, early remember me late. Remember the fellows you kissed at the gate. 
Your loving brother, John D. Miller

To Hester Miller, From her Sister Verna M.  Christmas 25 1897.

Never do anything at night that you will be ashamed of in the morning. 
J. W. Miller

Remember the sugar tit Tommy. To Hester,  May all your present hours be bright. And every peep of mourn As rosy as the dawning light. May a rosy Bliss be born. 
Your little friend.  Bessie Wood  Dec. 27, 1897

1897?  Dear Hester, Sunny may all your Future be. Without a care's alloy! And may the belles of Memory Ring only chimes of Joy,
Your friend Ella

Dear Hester,  With all of your faults I Love you still. 
Your Friend, Will.  Jan. 10, 1898

Written in same hand in pencil around the page. Remember June 18, 99. Mum-s the word. Seven ten.  I am going to see a man.  Don't forget June 16th 99   Don't forget to pay M. Olds forget With your Prince??-Albert on.

January 24, 1898 This page is written at odd angles with some things over others. Dear Hester, Only on Special Occasions Remember the meal Cousin Grace says threw up. 
Miss Flossie Macdonald 
The parrot was very considerate not to say one word.  Remember the oranges and the dates. F. M.

When Flossie finishes I'll put you out poor parrot. strawberry, pineapple chocolate. pocket book. I say I'm utterly discouraged.  When this you see remember me. (Also signed Flora)

Dear Friend, Silently one by one in the infinite meadows of heaven. Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget me not of the angels. 
Your friend, Dobbie Davis, August 23, 1898. Westminster, Cal.

October 5th 1898. Dear Friend.  True freeness like Ivy on the wall.  Together they will stand divided they fall. 
Your Friend. Mrs. Lydee Gibbs

San Diego, Calif., 10-6-98. Dear Hester, Remember me when far away. If only half awake Remember me on your wedding day. And send me a piece of cake. Your friend,
Signature is very hard to make out, On the same page, written in pencil between the lines: (could be yours in yofn)

Remember the night we went to the band concert. Remember the day you filled Ira's pants with water. For goodness sake don't forget the Tuesday night band concert.

San Diego, Calif., Feb. 4, 1899,  Dear Hester.  May your life be long and sunny.  And your husband fat and funny. 
Your little friend, Pearl Renner [born 1883 in Illinois, daughter of William and Ida Renner]

San Diego, Feb. 25th 1899 Santa Ana Friend Hester:-  When I am gone over the hill and far away. I don't - what I want ?/ to say. 
From your Friend FE

May 27, 1899.  Dear Friend, If a man is in Love, That's his Business, If a Girl is in Love, That's her Business.  If they contemplate matrimony, That's my Business.  W. R. Brisco

Note on bottom:  This is a lie. L.H.

San Diego, June 1 , 99, April 18 -01 Dear Hester This page has lots of things written on in odd angles and is hard to read Don't forget the pitch-fork. Have you fixed the thumb stall, This is my idea.  "I broke the stem of my " I can't surmise nor contrive.  Saturday, May 17 I have a slight rememberence of.   Coffee cake is good when it is not burnt and also the bread.  Don't forget our drunken man on the track.  Remember April 12 - 1901  Have you sat on a lamp lately and what about the chair.  Remember the pudding dish and your friend.  also the night you got locked out, and the walk home by your lonely  How is Ebby-Ebby

San Diego, Cal, July 30, 1899,  Dear Hester, In memory's casket I Drop a pearly For
Your Sincere Friend,  Lena Hafeh

October 27, 1899, Friend Hester,  I thought I thought I thought in vain. Until I thought I'd write my name. 
Your Friend. H.E. Boyce [Herbert E. Boyce born February, 1882 in Minnesota]

Dear Hester, Remember me dear Hester when upon this page you look. Remember it was Jennie who wrote this in your book.  Your loving sister, Jennie Johnson 11 -2 -99

On the same page, written in pencil between the lines:  Remember my silk stocking. the darky minstrel. Don't forget the convent route, Remember Dr. Windlighter, Don't forget Will's bicycle suite. Remember the dinner party Friday and Saturday.

Dear Hester. When the name that I write here is dim on the page. And the leaves of your album are yellow with age. Still think of me kindly and do not forget. That where ever I am I remember you yet. 
Your Brother, Ira Johnson.  
Remember the dance we had on May 29th  Don't forget the free show. Don't forget O. God the night you were sitting on the porch when it was wet.

June 4, 1900. My Dear Hester. While turning over this pages.  The names of friends appear. Remember you have a friend That holds you dear. 
Mrs. M. Warfield.

San Diego, Cal., Feb. 18, 1901, Dear Friend Mrs. Johnson. Down by a brook there stands a rock, And on the rock there stands for-get-not. 
Your friend Alice Hayward 

Remember what Firn did with that picture you gave me.

San Diego, Cal., Mrs Johnson, Dear Friend. Oh! be kind to those who love you!, Give them gladness while you may!, Here to-day, to-morrow's sun rise may be hold then passed away.  Lavish love on all around you; smiles and sunshine freely strew; And like bread upon the waters, They yet will return to you.  
Your friend, Mrs. J. T. Hazard, April 29, 1904

Feb. 18, 1905, Dear Hester, I love my papa that I do and mama says she loves him too. Both of them love me I know. A thousand ways their love they say  But papa says he ???? with some mean scamp I run away -
Your Friend Maye E. Thompson

July 18, 1906  San Diego, Cal., Dear Hester! Remember me early, remember me late, remember the fellow you kissed at the gate! 
Your Friend, Maye Eliviana Thompson

San Diego, Cal., July 18, 1906, Dear Aunt Pit. God made man, man made money.  God made bees. Bees made honey.  Your affectionate niece,
Nannie M. Powers.

San Diego, Cal., July 18, 1906,  Dear Aunt Pit. Remember, Remember, and never forget. Your have a little friend in San Diego yet. Nannie Powers

Dear Aunt Pit, When the name that I write here is dim on the page. Still think of me kindly and do not forget.  That where ever I am I remember you yet. Your niece Nannie M. Powers

Seattle, Dec. 22, 1908, My dear Friend, Remember well and bear in mind, A pretty fellow is hard to find. So when you find one good and gay, Hang on his coat tail night and day. 
Yours, Nellie Tracy

Seattle Dec. 22, 1908 Could you be true if her eyese all blue she would smile at you. 
Leonard Hiest.

This page is written at odd angles with things written on top of others.  Dear Hester-   Forget me not
Yours Lovingly Alice Wood 
Remember our Wedding night A.M.W.  Only on special occasions A.M.W. 
I am going down town to buy some Chickens. Alice 
Many a stormy wind will blow ere Jim. Leo, Stanley and Will come home afraid. Alice Wood 
Remember the fellow we kissed at the gate. Don't forget poor Mr. Moprag. Do tell us where a corner is.  We can't find one .  Go on you fools this is our walk.  Don't forget ere Jim, Lee, Laundry comes home again.  Miss Wood May I ___ you know the rest.  Alice  Don't try to read this you'll never make head our tails out of it.  Isn't it singular.  Remember the night Flossie was utterly discouraged. A.M.  Now don't you say one word, not one word.  Don't forget Grand - ma and the blankets. A.W. I have one, but no place ot put it.



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