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John Simpson- Montgomery County, Indiana


In March, 1838 in Montgomery County, Indiana, Catherine Simpson divorced a John Simpson. She married Isaac Ricketts before 1840 when they appeared together in census in Coal Creek Township.

There were two John Simpson households in Montgomery County, Indiana in 1840. One in Union Township and the other in Crawfordsville.

They were both married to Marias in 1850 and both in Union Township. One John was born in Pennsylvania in 1802 and the other in Ohio in 1804.


Franklin County, Indiana was formed in 1811 from Dearborn and Clark counties. Brookville is the county seat and was settled in 1804.

John Simpson (1804) married Maria Bastion on August 16 1828 in Franklin County, Indiana. Maria was born in 1809 in New York. Her parents were Hendrik (Henry) Bastiaanse (Bastion) and Neeltje (Eleanor) Schermerhorn. They moved from Schenectady, New York to Floyd County, Indiana.

In 1845, John Simpson (1804) became the guardian of his sister, Sarah Lofland's, children.

In 1850 the John Simpson (1804) household consisted of:
John Simpson 46,
Maria Simpson 41,
David Laughlin (Loftland) 10,
Josiah Sampson 10, and
Susan Sampson 8.

Josiah and Susan were children of Joseph Sampson and Mary Crouch who were married October 8 1832 in Montgomery County, Indiana and divorced in October, 1842. David was Heavelo Lofland son of Sarah Simpson and William Lofland.

At the time of the 1860 census, they were still in Union Township. The household included John age 55, Maria C. age 51, Susan Sampson, age 18 and John H. Sampson, age 1 year.

John died in 1866. His will named his wife “Christie Ann Maria Simpson,” and adopted son, John Henry Sampson. March 11, 1871, Christine was named as his guardian. W. K. Wallace was the suretor.

In 1870 the household was still in Union Township. It included Christian, age 61, John Simpson, age 11, Anthony Bastion, age 57, and Henry Bastion, age 14.


Montgomery County, Indiana was established in 1822.




Crawfordsville Journal April 2, 1887

Mrs. Mary [Crouch] Sampson better known to the people of this city as "Aunt Pop," died at the poor house Thursday at the age of 79 from old age and general debility. Mrs. Sampson was probably known to as many people as any woman in the county. She was very eccentric and queer and seemed to have been born under an unlucky star. The world was not kind to her, probably for the reason she would not let it be. She worked at hanging paper, whitewashing houses, cleaning and any odd job she could find to do, always contented and happy until old age compelled her to seek a home in the county asylum where she had been an inmate for several years, as contented there as she was outside. Her life on earth was one of drudgery. May her awakening be in a land more restful.


from Crawfordsville Weekly Review, March 5, 1881

The Review is called upon again this week to chronicle the death of another pioneer of our County. John Simpson was well known all over the County having come here when Crawfordsville was but a little village and has lived to see it become the pride of every citizen. He died Thursday morning, of paralysis and pneumonia, at the age of 80 years, respected by all who knew him. He was born in Center County, Pa May 8, 1801. When but a small child his parents removed to Alleghany Co, thence to Green Co, Ohio in 1810.

In 1826 they again removed, this time coming to Indiana, settling at Logansport and in 1839 came to this city where he has since remained. Mr. Simpson's eye sight has been affected for a number of years. He has five sons living. Martin and Joseph were with him when he died; Philo is traveling for AF Ramsey and Stanley and William are with the surveying party on the Lake Erie & St. Louis Railroad somewhere in Illinois. The funeral services will take place as the family can be got together.

married Elizabeth Rumsey in 1828

Illinois became a state in 1818. A large influx of American settlers came in the 1810s by the Ohio River.

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