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Eliza Mary Thomas Treahy

The Province of Upper Canada was established in 1791 to accommodate Loyalist refugees from the United States. It included all of Southern Ontario and part of Northern Ontario.

The first European settlements in Ontario were after the American Revolution when 5,000 loyalists left the new United States.

Eliza Mary Thomas Treahy was born in Québec, Canada on July 9, 1838. Her parents were John Morgan Thomas and Mary Lewis.

She moved to Toronto with her parents when she was a baby.

She married Patrick Treahy on June 2, 1862 in Toronto. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on the Patrick and Eliza Treahy family

In 1870, Mrs. Treahy worked at Father Laurent's Bazaar to benefit St. Patrick's Church. According to The Irish Canadian,"St. Paul's table to the South, [of the prize and refreshment tables was presided over] by Mrs. Treahy, Miss Malone and the Misses Hyde."

The Ontario census of 1871 listed her age as 33. She was left a widow when her husband Patrick died in 1876.

She appeared in the 1877 to 1880 Toronto directory as Mrs. Eliza Treahy living at 192 Gerrard Street and in the 1881 census of Canada. She was a 42 year old widow of English origin who was born in Québec. She was Roman Catholic and her occupation was boarding house operator. The household consisted of Eliza, her son Bartholomew, her sister, Celia Brodie and Celia's daughter Fanny, and the Taverner family; Joseph age 62, Mary Ann age 58, Florence age 23 and William Henry age 20.

At the time of the 1891 census Eliza was living in the town of Woodstock, Ontario. She had two boarders: George Page and William Riley.

At the time of the 1901 census she was living in Toronto with her niece, Elizabeth Griffin, who was 25 (born about 1876). Elizabeth was born in Ontario on December 12, 1885. Elizabeth was probably a granddaughter of Eliza Treahy Griffin. Eliza was blind.

At the time of the 1911 census she was an inmate at the G.O. Memorial Church Home Street 20.

She died on June 12, 1919. She was buried in St. George's Church on the Hill Cemetery in Islington Village, Etobicoke, Ontario with her sister, Elizabeth Musson's family. 

Children of John Morgan Thomas
and Mary Lewis
  • Charles Lewis Thomas
  • Thomas Lewis Thomas
  • Elizabeth Sheppard Thomas Musson
  • Susannah Matilda Thomas
  • Eliza Mary Thomas Treahy
  • Jane Eliza (Jennie) Thomas Belford
  • Francis John Thomas
  • Mary Sophia Thomas
  • Celia Ann Thomas Brodie
  • Mary Sophia Thomas
  • John Joseph Thomas
  • Edward George Thomas
  • The city of York was incorporated as Toronto on March 6, 1834. The city grew and developed significantly during the the 19th century. The Irish famine brought a large number of Irish immigrants to the city and they became the largest ethnic group.

    Toronto 1856
    Toronto 1856

    York County was in the Canadian province of Ontario and was created in 1792. In 1816, Wentworth and Halton Counties were created from York County and in 1851, Ontario and Peel Couties were separated. In 1953, Metropolitan Toronto seceded. In 1971, the remaining portion of York County became the York Regional Municipality.



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