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Samuel Francis Bertrand

Samuel Bertrand

Seraing is French speaking town in the Liêge Province of Belgium on the Meuse River. It is in the Wallonia region. It is a center for iron and crystal manufacturing.

Samuel Francis Bertrand was born on January 29 1860 in Seraing, Liège Province, Belgium. His parents were Francois Bertrand and Catherine Hocquette. He came to the United States when he was twelve years old and became a citizen on February 28, 1882.

At age 23 he married nineteen year old Laura Mildred Tilton on April 18, 1883 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. (Her name was spelled Fulton in the Polk County marriage records.) Laura was born on June 27, 1864 in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. Her parents were Theodore Tilton and Alphia Ann Wheeler.


Samuel's niece, Emma Bertrand Smith, kept a postcard collection which includes cards from members of the Samuel Bertrand family. The online collection includes both the messages and the pictures from these cards.

Samuel Bertrand Family

At first, the Samuel Bertrand family lived in Des Moines, Iowa where their first children were born. Lenora Ellen Bertrand Acheson was born on February 11, 1884. Orrin Francis Bertrand was born on April 27, 1886. Alphia Alice Bertrand Acheson was born on February 1, 1888. Emma Catherine Bertrand was born on August 6, 1889. 

Warren County, Iowa was formed in 1846. The county seat is Indianola.


Joseph Henry Bertrand was born on February 28, 1891 in Cumming, Madison County, Iowa. 

Emma died on November 3, 1892 and was buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.

Sylene Emmaline Bertrand Martin Schafer McKowen was born on January 26, 1893 in Madison County, Iowa. 

Mary Amelia Bertrand Breeding was born on November, 21 1895 in Cumming, Warren County, Iowa. 

At the time of the 1895 Iowa State Census they were living in Boone Township, Dallas County, Iowa. The household consisted of Samuel F. age 34, Laura M. age 29, Nora E. age 11, Orrin F. age 8, Aphia A. age 7, Joseph H. age 4, Salina E. age 2, and Mary E. age 1.

Twins Ray Theodore Bertrand and Ralph Benjamin Bertrand were born on June 21,  1900 in Cumming, Warren County, Iowa. 

The family appeared in the 1900 census in Walnut Township, Polk County, Iowa. The household consisted of Samuel age 40, Laura age 35, Lenora age 16, Orrin age 14, Aphie age 12, Joseph age 9, Sylena age 7, Mary age 5, and Ray and Ralph age one month. Samuel was working as a coal merchant. Laura had given birth to 17 children, eight of whom were living.

Lenora married Latta Pearl Acheson (1879) on November 24, 1903 in Dallas County, Iowa. 

Naomi Mildred Bertrand Brown was born on January 3, 1904 in Norwalk, Warren County,  Iowa. 

Alphia married Latta's brother, Lewis Virgil Acheson (1885-1965), on December 24, 1907 in Commerce, Polk County, Iowa. Their children were Samuel Robert Acheson, Edith Adeline Acheson, Wilma Jeane Acheson, Florida Lorene Acheson, Vera Lucille Acheson, Mervin Dale Acheson, and Melvin Gale Acheson. 

Ruth Pauline Bertrand Reynolds was born about 1908.

Orrin married Ida Ethel Scott (1891-1991) on September 8, 1909 in Golden City, Barton County, Missouri.

They lived in Des Moines at the time of his brother Joseph's death in 1910 and Henri's death in 1925. 

Samuel Bertrand Family

The family appeared in the 1920 census in Greenfield Township, Warren County, Iowa. The household consisted of Samuel age 59, Laura age 55, Ray T. age 19, Ralph B. age 19, Naomi M. age 15, Ruth P. age 12 and Laura's father Theodore Tilton age 83.

Joseph married Mary Elizabeth Williams (1892-1971) on February 24, 1917 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. 

Sylene married John Martin, Henry N. Schafer (1879) and Perry Peter McKowen (1873). Naomi married Elbert Earl Brown. Ruth married Robert Samuel Reynolds. Mary married Robert Breeding on December 19, 1919 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. Ray married Louise Banks. 

At the time of the 1930 census, Samuel was living in Bloomfield, Polk County, Iowa. The household consisted of Samuel (Sannie) age 70, Laura M. age 65, Ray F. age 29, Ralph age 29, Ruth age 22, and granddaughter Joanne age 6. Samuel was a mechanic, Ray and Ralph were barbers and Ruth was a stenographer.

When he was 86 years old, Samuel died on June 9, 1946 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  He is buried  with his wife, Laura who died on April 12, 1958,  in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Orilla, Warren County, Iowa.

Joe Bertrand 1917

In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.

Samuel's Tombstone


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