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Graves Eaves 1775


Brunswick County, Virginia was established in 1720 from Prince George County. In 1732 the county received more land from parts of Surry and Isle of Wight counties. Brunswick County extended to the Blue Ridge until 1745, when new counties were formed and the current western border established.

On July 20, 1692 in the Northumberland County, Virginia Court, Graves Eaves, ‎age 14, was identified as "Orph of Wm Eves late of this county" and chose, his aunt's husband, Isaac Hester, as his guardian on July 20, 1692.

At some point Graves Eaves married Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Goodlove and John Jones. Goodlove Jones Matthews made a gift to her son-in-law, Graves Eaves.

Graves sold his farm in Northumberland County in 1726 and moved to Brunswick County, Virginia. Graves received a land grant from King George III in 1728 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

All their children were born in Northumberland County, Virginia.
John Eaves
William Eaves (1716)
Thomas Eaves (1720)
Graves Eaves

In 1743, Graves Eaves and John Eaves of Brunswick County sold John Roberson 220 acres in St. Andrews Parish on the NS Meherrin River. The witnesses were Edward (X) Roberson, John Douglass, Ralph (R) Jackson.

GRAVES EAVES of StAP, B. D._ R. Feb. 6, 1746. Thomas Eaves, ex.
Sons: Thomas, Graves. Witn.: George Sims, Millinton Blalack,
John Moore .

p. 114 GRAVES EAVES. Inv. D. Mar. 27,17^6. R. May 1,17^6. Thomas Eaves, adm.
Appr.: Adam Simras, Edward Roberson, James Speed.

Edward Robinson (listed as Roberson) inventoried and appraised the estate of Graves Eaves in 1746 in Brunswick County.


Northumberland County, Virginia was created in 1648 . It was originally known as the Indian district Chickacoan. Of the 172 counties that have existed in Virginia, Northumberland was "ancestor" to 116 of these.

George III ruled Great Britain from October 25, 1760 to January 29, 1820.



from Brunswick County Road Orders 1732-1746 by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett

7 October 1736 O. S., Page 138

John Jackson is appointed Overseer instead of John Douglass from the Reedy Creeke to Maherrin and Graves Eaves and William Eaves and David Bails be added to the former Order --

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