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Rutherford County, North Carolina was formed in 1779 from Tyron County.
Tyron was formed in 1768 from Mecklenburg.
Mecklenberg was formed in 1763 from Anson.
Anson was formed in 1750 from Bladen.
Bladen was formed in 1734 from New Hanover.
In 1791 parts of Rutherford and Burke were combined to form Buncombe.
In 1841 parts of Rutherford and Lincolnwere combined to form Cleveland.
In 1842 additional parts of Rutherford and Burke were combined to form McDowell.
In 1855 parts of Rutherford and Henderson were combined to form Polk.


Northumberland County, Virginia was created in 1648 . It was originally known as the Indian district Chickacoan. Of the 172 counties that have existed in Virginia, Northumberland was "ancestor" to 116 of these.

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a decisive battle of the American Revoluton. It took place on October 7, 1780, nine miles south of the present-day town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The Patriot militia defeated the Loyalist militia commanded by British Major Patrick Ferguson.

North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.

Graves Eaves was born about 1724 in Northumberland County, Virginia. By 1727 his family had moved to Brunswick County, Virginia. His father was Graves Eaves.

On November 24, 1747, Graves and his brother, Thomas, sold their father's 100 acre plantation on the north side of the Meherrin River to John Freeman for £30. Witnesses included James Clack and Peter Tatum. Leanna (or Eleanor), wife of Thomas, and Sarah, wife of Graves. Both wives relinquished their dower rights to this land.

He may have married Martha (or Nancy) Yancy (or Yancey) about 1750 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Martha was the daughter of Elizabeth Ann Thornton and Captain James Yancy, She was born about 1735 in Hanover County, Virginia.

Graves' children may have included:
William S. Eaves (1752, married Susannah Hampton),
Burwell (Burrell) Eaves (1754, married Izza Malone),
Nancy Eaves (1756, married John Baynes),
Elizabeth Eaves (1757, married Jacob Willis),
Graves Eaves (1758),
Jesse Eaves (1759),
Jonathan Eaves (1761),
Buckner Eaves (1763, married Mary Meredith),
Bartlett Yancey Eaves (1765), and
David Davis Eaves (1767).

On November 8, 1751 St. Andrews Parish records show

Ordered that James Speed Richard Branscomb & John Eaves do procession all the lands from the Mouth of Douglass Run up Meherrin River to the western Road thence along the said Road to the Fort Road then down the fort Road to the said Run from thence down the Run to the Beginning.

In 1775, Eaves received a patent for 109 acres in a part of Tryon County which became Rutherford County. The land was on the east side of Second Broad River and included the improvements.

In 1778, Burrell married Izza Malone in Tryon County. Graves and William Eaves were sureties, and Jonathan Hampton was a witness.

In December 1797, he bought 100 acres from North Carolina. The land was next to his own land and that of James Baber.

His son, William, participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. His grandson, Noah Hampton Eaves wrote

My grandfather, William Eaves, was a soldier in the Revolution, was in the Battle of Kings Mountain. He lived to be nearly one hundred years old. He married into the Hampton family of South Carolina. I always thought he was the nicest old man I ever knew. He was dressed always in the best. He was born in Virginia. He had two brothers, Bartlett and Burrell, one sister who died from a snake bite when about 18 years old. (from The Heritage of Rutherford County, North Carolina, 1893)

In 1781 Graves provided supplies for the American army in North Carolina, including 90 pounds of pork.

In the 1782 tax list Graves was in Robert Rankin's company.

In December, 1785, he sold his 109 acres to Abel Lewis.

In 1790, Graves appeared in the North Carolina census in the Morgan District with the 10th Company militia, which patrolled the area between Main Broad River and Second Broad River.

In 1793 Graves paid 80£ for an enslaved girl named Matilda.

In 1796, Burrell Eaves bought 100 acres in Rutherford County from the state of North Carolina adjacent to his father's land and "crossing Puzzle Creek."

In 1800 the household was still in Rutherford County.

Brunswick County, Virginia was established in 1720 from Prince George County. In 1732 the county received more land from parts of Surry and Isle of Wight counties. Brunswick County extended to the Blue Ridge until 1745, when new counties were formed and the current western border established.

A Dower is a provision for a wife's support should her husband die before her. Her dower right was the use of ⅓ of her husband's estate. The dower was settled on the bride at the time of the wedding. A drowry was the property a bride brought to her marriage.

A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.



1782 Captain Robert Rankin's Company
Graves Eves
Abel Lewis
Thomas Welch
William Long
Edward Callahan
Patrick Black
Thomas Hays
Robert Rankin
John McGauchy
Alexander Orr
Wm Robertson
John Brown
David Huddlestone
Samuel McMurry
James Huddlestone
Janes Lunn (Lann?)
Samuel Andrew
Patrick Watson
William Woods
James McCracken
William Callahan
Samuel Neill
John Sterling
William Huddlestone
John Withrow
James Hughey
Samuel Thompson
Felix Walker
John Haynie
James Armstrong
James Withrow
William Walker
John Walker
Aaron Deveney
George Wintirs
George Hughey



Indenture made 24 November 1747, between Thomas Eaves & Graves Eaves of Brunswick County, sons & Devisees of Graves Eaves the Elder Late of the said County deced. and John Freeman of Surry County, whereas the said graves Eaves, decd. in & by his last will & Testament proved & Recorded in the Court of the said County of Brunswick 6 February 1741, did amongst other things give & devise unto the said Thomas Eaves & Graves eaves his Land & plantation whereon he lived, œ30, on North side of Meherrin River, 100a.
Signed Thomas Eaves (bhm), Graves Eaves (bhm).
Witnesses: James Clack, Peter Tatum, St. Clack. Court January 7, 1747, Indenture acknowledged by Thomas Eaves & Graves Eaves and Leanna the wife of the said Thomas & Sarah the wife of the said Graves personally appeared and relinquished their Right of Dower.
Deed Book 3, Page 365.


27 Aug 1759
Brunswick Co, Virginia Deeds 6-392
Indenture made the 27th day of August, 1759, between John Freeman and Edward Freeman, for 5 shillings, conveying 100 acres on North side of Maherrin River and being the same land as the said John Freeman purchased of Thomas and Graves Eaves by Indenture dated the 24th day of November, 1747.
Witnesses were Wm Cryer, Fras. Young, and H. Williams
Signed by John Freeman (his mark).
Indenture was acknowledged in Court on August 27, 1759, by John Freeman


Rutherford Co Deed Book Q, Pg 103, 11 Jan 1796.

Thomas Hawkins of Rutherford Co
to Halbert Hawkins of same,
for 50£, 100 acres on west side of Second Broad River at the mouth of Buck Branch, part of a 200 acres granted to William Eaves on 26 Apr 1786.
Witnessed by Abel Lewis and Sally Lewis.


Rutherford Co Deed Book O,
25 Sep 1795.

James Flinn of Rutherford Co to son John Flinn of same, for 200£, 70 acres on the east side of the Second Broad River, part of a survey made for William Eves 9 Aug 1787, said land I now reside upon.
Witnessed by Abel Lewis, Adam Wallar, and Sally Lewis Junr.

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