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Daniel Ferree and Anna Marie Leninger

Variations of Ferree: Fara, Ferie, Ferree, Ferrez, Ferrie, Fiere, Firre, Fierre, Fuchre, Fuehre, LeFerre, and Verree.

Europeans began to settle in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area about 1710. It was part of Chester County until May 10, 1729.

A yeoman was a man who owned and cultivated a small farm. He belonged to the class below the gentry or land owners. A husbandman was a free tenant farmer. The social status of a husbandman was below that of a yeoman.

Daniel Ferree married Anna Marie Leininger about 1700 in Germany.

Andrew Ferree was born in 1701 and was baptised in Steinweler, Germany on September 28, 1701. His sponsors were Andrew and Margaret Leininger. 

John Ferree was born in 1702. He was baptised in Rhorbac, Germany on February 8, 1703. His sponsors were Abraham Ptillion and Judith Miller of Steinweiler.

Daniel Ferree, Jr. was born in 1706.

Lydia Ferree was born in 1707.

On August 25, 1708 Daniel swore allegiance to England. On April 10, 1708 they received a certificate from the Walloon Reformed Church in Pelican, Germany attesting to their character and giving them permission to move to Pennsylvania.

Daniel, Anna Marie, Andrew and John appeared on the June 28, 1708 list of the fifty-three people who sailed with Joshua Kocherthal's party. Daniel's occupation on this list was husbandman.

Philip Ferree was born in 1709
Elizabeth Ferree LeFevre was born in 1710
Joseph Ferree was born in 1712
Isaac Ferree was born in 1715

In 1720 Daniel Ferree was listed the Pequea district. His property was valued at 50£.

Marie died in 1750.

Daniel Jr. died in August, 1762, Paradise Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Letters of administration were granted on August 9, 1762 to John Carpenter, the husband of his deceased granddaughter. Philip Lenhard and John De Huff were the sureties on his bond of £600. The bond said that his will, written on January 25, 1744/45, appointed his deceased son, Daniel, his executor.
Children of Daniel Ferree and
Marie (Mary) Warrembere:
  • Daniel Ferree, Jr.
  • Marie Catherine (Mary) Ferree Lefevre
  • Jane Ferree Davis
  • Marie (Mary) Ferree Faulkner
  • Philip Ferree
  • John Ferree
  • The Huguenots were 16th and 17th century French protestants. About 500,000 Huguenots fled France because of religious persecution. They relocated to Protestant nations.
    Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.


    Memorials of the Huguenots in America by Ammon Stapleton

    Certificate for Daniel Firre and his Family
    We, the Pastors, Elders and Deacons of the Reformed Walloon Church of Pelican, in the Lower Palatinate, having been requested by the Honourable Daniel Firre, his wife, Anne Maria Leininger, and their children, Andrew and John Firre, to grant them a testimonial of their life and religion, do certify and attest that they have always made profession of the pure Reformed religion, frequented our sacred assemblies, and have partaken of the supper of the Lord with the other members of the faith, in addition to which they have always conducted themselves uprightly without having given cause for scandal that has come to our knowledge.

    Being now on their departure to settle elsewhere we commend them to the protection of God and to the kindness of all our brethren in the Lord Christ. In witness whereof we have signed this present testimonial with our signature and usual marks. Done at Pelican, in our Consistory, the 10th of May, 1708.

    Memorials of the Huguenots in America by Ammon Stapleton

    Daniel Ferree (1677-1750), eldest son of the Madame, had, besides his sons Andrew (1701-1739), and John (1703-1773), who were born in Europe, a son named Daniel, Jr. (d. 1762), who was married in 1739 to Mary Carpenter, whose father, Henry Carpenter, was one of the earliest and most prominent Swiss emigrants in the Province.

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