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Levi Fox, Sr.

The Methodist Episcopal Church was founded by John Wesley, began in 1784. It became the major component of the current United Methodist Church. At first, members were expected to seek the sacraments in the Anglican Church, but by the 1770s they had their own chapels. Circuit riders traveled by horseback to preach and establish churches. The earliest Episcopal Methodists in North America were drawn from middle-class trades and there were more women than men. Services were emotional and demonstrative.

In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.

Levi Fox was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1802. His parents were probably Bonham and Temperance Fox. He was the suretor when Bonham Fox died in Butler County in 1825. Levi was a farmer.

He married Eliza Yerkes in 1831 when he was 29 years old. Their children and life together are described in the section on the Levi and Eliza Fox family. 

He became a widower when Eliza died in 1850.

Butler County, Ohio marriage records show that he married Sarah Teas on December 4, 1850. The Reverend William H. Lawder of the Methodist-Episcopal Church performed the ceremony. Levi's sister, Mary Green, and her husband, Eli, were two of the first members of that church.

Levi died March 27, 1877 at age 77 in Benton Township, Iowa  and was buried in the New York Cemetery, Union Township, Wayne County, Iowa, Row 16, Lot 147 with  his wife, Sarah and son Josiah Fox.

Last Will and Testament of Levi Fox, dec'd
Page 1 Original
Page 2 Original

Lucas County Will Record 2, pp.  256-7
I Levi Fox of the County of Lucas and State of Iowa, being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of Life do therefore make and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. 

That is to say: First, after all my lawful debts are paid and discharged, the residue of my Estate real and personal, as follows:  

To my wife, all of the land I now own and the appurtenances there-unto belonging, and described as follows:   The South West¼ of the North East¼ and the South East¼ of the North East¼ and the East half of the North East¼ of the South East¼ of Section Thirty four (34) Township Seventy one (71) Range Twenty one (21), also the West half of the South West¼ of North West quarter and West half of North West¼ of South West¼ of Section Thirty Five (35) Township Seventy one (71) Range Twenty-one (21), Containing in all, One Hundred and Forty (140) acres to have and to hold during her natural life, and also all my personal property, except Forty Dollars - as hereafter specified - and after her death,  the said Real Estate to be divided as follows:

To my son, Levi, Forty six and two thirds (46 2/3) off the West end of the above described land, including the house and improved land, and timber enough to make out the amount above mentioned.

My daughters Missouri and Nebraska to have each one half of the remainder that is to say each one Forty six and two thirds (46 2/3) acres, the same to be divided by disinterested persons, whom they may choose, so as to make the two parts as nearly equal in value as possible.

I also give and bequeath to my illegitimate son, by Nancy Campbell, the sum of Forty dollars to be paid at my death, out of my personal property as above stated.

Likewise I make and constitute my said son Levi, to be my executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 1st day of January Eighteen Hundred and Seventy five.

 Levi Fox (signed by Geo. P. Ranslow)

Children of Temperance
and Bonham Fox
  • Levi Fox, Sr.
  • Mary Fox Green
  • Christina Fox Riley
  • David Fox
  • Jonathan Fox
  • Isaac P. Fox
  • Children of:
    Levi Fox
    and Eliza Yerkes
  • William Pierce Fox
  • Josiah B. Fox
  • John Newton Fox
  • Anne E. Fox
  • Sarah Hartley
    Joseph Teas
  • John Tease
  • Barbara Hannah Tease Tuttle
  • Levi Fox and
    Sarah Hartley Teas
  • Missouri Fox Clowser
  • Levi Fox, Jr.
  • Nebraska Fox Stephens
  • Mayflower Line

  • Samuel Fuller
  • Hannah Fuller Bonham
  • Hezekiah Bonham
  • Amariah Bonham
  • Christian Bonham Fox
  • Bonham Fox
  • Levi Fox
  • John Newton Fox
  • Eliza Fox Smith
  • John Elmer Smith
  • Virginia Smith Miller
  • Descendants of Absalom Fox and Christian Bonham are Mayflower Descendants.

  • Samuel Fuller
  • Hannah Fuller Bonham
  • Hezekiah Bonham
  • Amariah Bonham
  • Christian Bonham Fox



    For a tour of the Fox family land and resting places see "Fox Hunting at New York" from October 22, 2008 in The Lucas Countyan by Frank Myers.

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