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Bonham Fox

Butler County, Ohio was established in 1803 from Hamilton and Ross Counties.

Bonham Fox was born in 1761 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He was the son of Absalom Fox and Christian Bonham.

He married Temperance in 1794. Their children and life together are described in detail in the section on Bonham and Temperance Fox.

He died in about 1825 in Butler County, Ohio where he had moved his family.

The estate documents concerning the items allowed his widow can be found on Temperance Fox's page. The other estate documents are below.

Children of Absalom Fox
and Christian Bonham
  • Captain Charles Fox
  • Bonham Fox
  • Mary Fox Frazee
  • David Fox
  • Anchor Fox Sutton
  • Iva Fox Sargeant
  • Jonathan Fox
  • Rebecca Fox Dearth
  • Children of Temperance
    and Bonham Fox
  • Levi Fox, Sr.
  • Mary Fox Green
  • Christina Fox Riley
  • David Fox
  • Jonathan Fox
  • Isaac P. Fox
  • Loudoun County is part of Northern Neck of Virginia. Settling of the Loudoun area began between 1725 and 1730. Settlers came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.



    Seals were used to authenticate documents and men were expected to have a personal die. Records in deed books are copies and signatures are usually in the clerk’s handwriting. The clerk drew a circle around the word “seal” to indicate that the original document was sealed.

    Butler County Testamentary Record 02
    October Term 1825
    Bonham Fox Deceased
    Butler County fs
    Be it remembered that on application Administration of the estate of Bonham Fox late of the County aforesaid Deceased is granted unto Temperance Fox who with Levi Fox and John McKeen her sureties are bound to the State of Ohio in the sum of three hundred dollars.
    Ordered that John Walker, John G. Eckles and Samuel Johnston be the appraisers.

    From the Record of Inventories recorded January 11th
    We the appraisers of the property of Bonam Fox Deceased Met at the house of the widow Fox's the administrator of Bonam Fox and after shown all the property went on appraise all the property as the law directs to it.
    One hundred and twenty five bushels of corn $15.62 ½
    One yoke of steers and chain $15.00
    One Waggon $15.00
    Two colts $36.00
    One Mare $5.00
    One plow .75
    Fourteen Geese $1.75
    November 26, 1825 $89.12 [total] $89.12½
    The herd Ammounting to $170.67

    On twenty eighth Day of November one thousand eight hundred and twenty five John Walker, Samuel Johnston and John E. Eckles personally appeared as appraisers of the Estate of Bonam Fox Deceased late of Fairfield township in said County personally appeared Before one Jonathan Pierson a Justice of the Peace in and for said County and were duly sworn according to the law well and truly appraised all the goods and chattles [tangible property other than land, buildings and things annexed to the land] of the Estate of the said Bonam Fox Deceased which was presented to them for appraisement

    Given under My hands and seal
    Jonathan Pierson Justice of Peace
    A True and correct Inventory of the goods and chattels of Bonam Fox late of Butler County Deceased

    Presented to the undersigned appraisers of said Estate by Temperence Fox administratrix of the Estate of Bonam Fox
    this the 28 Day of November one thousand eight hundered and twenty five
    Given under our hands
    John G. Eckels
    Samuel Johnson
    John X Walker his mark


    When a mark is used for a signature, the person was probably illiterate, but may not have been able to sign because of age or infirmity.

    Descendants of Absalom Fox and Christian Bonham are Mayflower Descendants.

  • Samuel Fuller
  • Hannah Fuller Bonham
  • Hezekiah Bonham
  • Amariah Bonham
  • Christian Bonham Fox
  • Personal property can be called personalty (personality), goods, chattels, articles, or movable property. It includes both animate or inanimate property.

    Horse Terms
    Foal: less than 1 year old
    Yearling: between 1 & 2
    Colt: male under 4
    Filly: female under 4
    Mare: female over 4
    Gelding: castrated male
    : non-castrated male over 4

    Bonham Fox Deceased
    Be it remembered that Temperance Fox Administratrix of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of Bonham Fox late of this county aforesaid deceased having exhibited the account of her administration of the same as follows to wit

    Mrs Temperance Fox admx of Bonham Fox deceased in account current with the estate of the said deceased Cr. (?)
    To amount of appraisement bill 19.12½ Contra Cr.

    To amount of appraisement bill 19.12½

    Contra Cr.
    No 1 - By cash paid James B. Camron printer  $1.25
    No 2 - B. Vangorden tax    .70
    No 3 - McLeary & Decamp funeral expences  4.25
    No 4 - Daniel Millikin last illness 1.50
    No.5 - R. B. Millikin Medicine 6.50
    No 6 -  Johnson for coffin  8.00
    No 7 - Appraisers  3.00
    No 8 - J. Reily Clerk fees  2.05
    No 9 - Jacob Rickart  4.00
    No 10 - Admx private account  36.00
    No 11 - John Reily Clerks fees on final settlement  1.00
    No 12 - Percentage and time allowed admx   18.75½

    Temperance Fox adm 89.12½

    clerks & printer due on final settlement of one dollar paid by Mrs Fox admx
    Robert Anderson
    March 5th 1827

    A surety bond is a promise to assume responsibility for the obligation of a borrower. The person who provides this promise, is known as a surety or security. Bondsmen were usually relatives or family friends.

    Bonham Fox decd
    Accounts presented for Settlement

    Filed Feby term 1827
    Approved the May term 1827

    [No 1 above-advertising]
    Hamilton June 10th 1826
    Received of Temperance Fox Administrator the estate of Bonam Fox deceased
    one dollar and twenty five cents in full for advertising done for said Estate
    James B. Connor


    [No 2 above-county tax]
    Rec of Temperance Fox for Bonham Fox
    70 Cents in full of his county tax for 1825
    B. Van Gorden ??


    [No 3 above-funeral expenses]
    Hamilton Sept 20th 1825

    Bonham Fox Diseaced
    to McClasy D Camp & Co

    To 5 yds camb @ 50    250
    To 1 yd Book muslin  50 [Book muslin is a kind of thin white muslin for ladies' dresses]
    To 1 yd Crape  75
    To 1 pair stockings 37½
    Silk & thread 12½
    [total] 425

    Rec. of Temperence Fox administrater the above account in full this 11th Jan 1826
    McClasy D Camp & Co


    [No 4 above-Last Illness]
    Bonum Foxs Estate's
    To Daniel Millikin
    Sept 19th 1825 to Visit dec on the night previous to his decease $1.50
    Jan 10th 1826
    Received of Temperance Fox Administratrix the above accyt in full
    Dan Millikin


    [No 5 above-Medicine]
    Rossville Sept. 21st 1825
    The Estate of Bonam Fox decd
    To R. B. Millekin Dr.
    To Sundrie visits & medicine to self and family $6.50
    January 11th 1826
    Recd of Temperance Fox administratrix the above account in full
    R. B. Milleken


    [No 6 above- coffin]
    received of temperance fox the administror of Bonum fox
    Eight Dollars for 1 Coffin for the Deceased December 22, 1825
    Samuel Johnson


    [No 7 above-appaisers]
    received of temperance fox the administratrix of Bonum fox our feese three dollars for attending for apraisers of the property of Bonum fox Decd.
    December 22, 1825
    Samuel Johnson
    John Y Eckles
    John (X) Walker


    [No 8 above-clerk fees]
    Received of Temperance Fox Admt of Bonham Fox one fifty five and a half cents which with one dollar & fifty cents paid by her some time sense makes the full amount of the costs of Administration to wit Letters of Adm Recording Inventory
    Paid 30th Oct 1826 1.50
    5th March 1827 55½
    $2.05 1.2
    John Reily Clerk
    Butler com pleas


    [No 9 above]
    Missis Temperance fox pleas to Settle the aMount of you're acount with James Riley and this shal Bee your Recipt for
    1 Calf Skin   1.50
    To 1 small gr of iyper??  1.00
    To 5 lbs of Spannish Seal 1.50
    Jacob Rickart
    October the 2-1825


    [No 10 above]
    The estate of Bonham Fox Decd
    Temperance Fox Administratrix
    To gethering and cracking thirty acres of corn   $30.00
    1 Days attending to the appraisement of property 1.00
    3 Days attending to business in Warren County 3.00
    2 Days attending a Suit ayaein?t Adinam?? Right 2.00

    [Cracking corn was processing shelled corn in a horse-powered burr mill. They believed cracking the corn before feeding it to farm animals would make it easier for the animals to digest.]


    Temperance Fox Administratrix of the Estate of Bonham Fox decd in account current D to Amount of Appraisement Bill - $89.12½


    John McKeen appeared in the 1820 and 1830 censuses of St. Clair Township and Rossville, Butler County, Ohio. After that, Margaret McKeen appeared in 1840 and 1850 He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Hamilton.

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