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James Maxwell, Elder

Children of James Maxwell and Mary Harmer:
  • James, the Elder, Maxwell
  • Eliza Ann Maxwell Ricketts

  • Children of James Maxwell and Anne Groome:
  • Ashael Maxwell
  • Elizabeth Maxwell
  • James, the Younger, Maxwell
  • Ann Maxwell Matthews
  • James Maxwell, the Elder was born about 1700 in a part of Baltimore County, that is now Harford County, Maryland. His parents Colonel James Maxwell and Mary Harmer.

    He married Mary Marsh. Mary was born about 1703 in Kent, Maryland. Her parents were John Marsh and Elinor Anderson.

    Phillisyanna Maxwell Day was born on March 3, 1723.

    Mary Maxwell was born on April 6, 1724.

    George Maxwell was born in 1725,

    Elizabeth Maxwell was born on June 3, 1727.

    Elinor Maxwell was born on February 12, 1729. She married Benjamin Ricketts.

    He died in 1732.

    Elinor Ricketts, wife of Benjaman Ricketts Departed this Life Decemb 16th 1756
    Gunpowder Neck, was in Baltimore, County but is now in Harford County, Maryland. Joppa was a major seaport and the county seat of Baltimore County from 1712 to 1769. St. John's Parish was in Joppa, but later moved to Kingsville, Maryland. Robins Point, Rickett Point Road, Maxwell Point Road, and Ford Point are south of the current Joppatowne on Gunpowder Neck. Spry Shoal is just off Rickett Point.




    from Ancestral Records and Portraits, Volume 1 by Colonial Dames of America. Chapter I, Baltimore

    In the Records of St. James Parish, Baltimore County, page 41, is the following entry:., ,

    Phillisyanna Maxwell, daughter of James Maxwell and Mary his wife, he being the eldest son of Colonel James Maxwell deceased,was born 3rd March, 1723;
    Mary Maxwell, daughter of said persons born 6 April, 1724;
    Elizabeth Maxwell daughter of said persons was born 3rd June, 1727;
    Eleanor Maxwell daughter of said persons was born 12th Feb. 1729.

    George Maxwell, one of this family of children, was born 1725, but there is no entry of his birth in these records. . .


    James Maxwell 18.163 A BA £187.1.0 May 7 1741
    Payments to:

    • executor of John March (of Kent County) for suit by James Greenwood (guardian of only living child (unnamed) of Johanah Dehaus against Gideon Pearce),
    • James Greenwood for legacy left by John March to only living child (unnamed) of Johannah Dehaus against Philip Kennard & Gideon Pearce,
    • James Greenwood, James Maxwell for neglect in recovery of bond due from Capt. John Stokes & neglect in covering roof of St. John's Church (in Joppa),
    • John Matthews who married Ann,
    • John Hall who married Hannah,
    • Daniel Dulany, Esq. paid to William Dallam,
    • William Smith,
    • William Dallam,
    • Daniel Dulany, Esq.
    • William Cumming.

      Mentions: minor (unnamed, aged 18, due legacy from estate of Dr. March).
      Administrator: William Savory [James' step-father].

    Historically an esquire (Esq. or Esqr.) was the title of a man who ranked below a knight in the English gentry. Later it designated a commoner with the status of gentleman and was used by attorneys.

    Guardianship is when a court gives an adult custody of a child and/or the responsibility of managing the child's property. Before women could own property, guardians were appointed for their minor children if their husband died.
    Personal property can be called personalty (personality), goods, chattels, articles, or movable property. It includes both animate or inanimate property.

    March, John, physician, Kent Co., 23rd Oct., 1723;
    To mother-in-law Mary Anderson, personalty during life, to revert to dau. Mary Maxwell.
    To bro. Charles, £20 to be pd. him in London.
    To Humphrey Younger, 3 sisters Elizabeth Locket, Mary Wilks and Hannah March, William Graves, Mary Harper (dau. of sister Ann Doyn), aunt Elizabeth Quick, of Lime House, London, and grand-dau.
    To Maxwell (at age of 16 or marriage), personalty.
    To the now living son of Johannah Dehaws, personalty at age of 21 and 3000 lbs. tob. yearly.
    To son-in-law James Maxwell, ex., and Mary, his wife, and their hrs., residue of estate.
    Test: John Carvill, Richard Willson (Wilson), William Collins. 18, 219.
    Testis (Test) is latin for witness. Testes is the plural.

    Tobacco is a native American herb that is cultivated for its leaves which are prepared for smoking, chewing or snuff. In parts of colonial America, it was used as money. Tobacco plantations in the colonial south fueled the need for enslaving people.
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